Don't Let the Music Stop

Where art and inspiration meet.

"Keep Listening to music,

it gets you through everything,

I promise."

-Mitch Lucker

What is our goal?

We want to try and inspire those that are dealing with a mental illness or just going through a difficult time to know that they are not alone, to never give up, and to seek the help they deserve.

How will we achive our goal?

We will try and inspire by sharing inspirational images, music, art, and stories that either have a positive message or, at the very least, that let the viewer understand that they are not alone in their struggles.

Does this simple idea work?

We have no delusions that an image or song will save the world, but we do feel they can make someone smile, make them feel like the are not the only one hurting, and can help them get through another day. And that is what matters: getting through each and every day. Sometimes you need a little reminder that you are not alone, that there will be an end to your struggles, and to never give up hope. That is our goal, to give you that little reminder in our own small way.