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Don Lawson-What Drives Me

The world needs more unsung heroes in the world, those that do work in the background and take very little or no credit for what they do. They are rewarded, but only by their sense of knowing that they did something to help others. It seems that this is far to rare in life, and in the music business that is even less common. So, when I was introduced to Don Lawson a few weeks ago by a mutual friend, it […]

Add1ction-Keep Pushing

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed recently and came across a new video from a band that had followed me not too long ago. At that point I really hadn’t had the time to check them out, as I get new bands following me a few times a day and (even though I try my best) it is hard to keep up with all of them.  Although their video had just came out a few days before, it was already in the five digit […]

Rik Emmett-Find Balance

“Music holds the secret, To know it can make you whole. It’s not just a game of notes, It’s the sound inside your soul.” – Hold On by Triumph When you ask someone to name a Canadian power trio, most will rightfully say, “Rush”. But there was another power trio that should come to mind…Triumph. Triumph consisted of Gil Moore on drums/lead vocals, Mike Levine on Bass, and Rik Emmett  handling guitar/lead vocals. When I discovered their music, Triumph had been around for […]

A Voice in the Afternoon

We turn on the radio to listen to our favorite DJ in hopes that they will play our favorite song, give us the news we need, or entertain us as we go through our daily lives. We connect with their stories, we laugh at their jokes, we become attached to them. But what do we really know about them? Probably not as much as we think we do.  Our voice, in the afternoon here in the Central New York area of […]

Matt Steady-Songwriting, From the Heart

Located in beautiful Leicester, England, is a brilliant musician named Matt Steady. Matt is an expert in his craft, as he composes all of his own material for his songs.  He has an excellent singing voice and also plays many different instruments. However, I don’t think you could meet a more humble musician or genuinely kind friend. After being recently introduced to his music, I had to find out some of the secrets behind his art work and creative process. […]

Emily Wood-It’s a Continual Journey

Emily Wood is a pop/folk artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba that has just released her first EP, entitled Ad Astra. She started playing and writing music relatively recently, but you would never guess that by listening to her album.   At the age of 25 years old, she made a list of things that she had to try as a way to do something about her anxiety disorder that had taken over her life. One of the items on her list was to write her […]

Tony Furtado-What’s Most Important In Life

Tony Furtado is an American banjo and slide guitar player, songwriter, and sculptor, who has been playing music for 30 years. He started out playing the banjo when he was a young boy, and his passion for music took off from there. He played and toured with many different musicians and bands during his early years, which helped his career to grow and got him started into slide guitar and writing songs. He loves playing live shows, touring all over […]

Henry Rollins-There are options

“Sinking. Wanting. Thinking. Sinking all the while. It hurts to be alone. When it hurts to be alone. When it’s cold outside. When it’s cold inside. When it hurts to be alone. It hurts to be alone” These are just some of the lyrics that meant so much to an introverted, confused teenager who had trouble fitting in with the “normal” people during the mid 80’s, letting him know that he was not alone in his struggles. Although Black Flag had split up prior to me actually finding their music, they still […]

April Hernandez-Their Own Heroes

I met April Hernandez through social networking. We had similar interests, including suicide prevention. As I started getting to know her, I realized that (although she is not a musician), she would be a wonderful candidate for an interview with Don’t Let The Music Stop. April is a very gracious and kind individual, with a huge heart and open mind. She is a Domestic Violence Advocate, Humanitarian, and CCMA. She is also the founder of a homeless charity organization called Tote4Friendz, […]

The Breaking Pattern-Overcome and Grow Stronger

The Breaking pattern are a rock/alt/pop band that hails from the Phoenix area. Although they have officially only been a band for almost a year now, they are all veterans of the Arizona scene. Lead Singer/Guitarist Derek Hackman is joined by guitartist Nick Benzer, Brandon Dillman on Drums, and Jacob Beaver on Bass to round out the current line up.  Their debut full length album, There are Roadmaps in our Veins came out April 8th and has garnered some great reviews on independent sites since it’s […]