Stealing Eden-There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Stealing Eden is a hard rock band out of Vancouver, BC. They were originally formed in 2008 and released their first full length album, Truth in Tragedy in 2011. The album came out of the gates well and the band was hailed as one of the best up and coming bands in the Canadian rock scene. But label problems ended up causing a fair amount of issues and after their label ended up folding, they took a break as a band and went on to old and new projects. After a few years apart, they are back working on building up their fan base while putting together their next release, which is due to come out in 2016. I have been listening to their debut CD on pretty heavy rotation over the past few months since I stumbled across them and highly recommend it for fans of heavy rock. I have been in touch with Maximus over the past few months, as they are very open to talk with all of their fans, and wanted to talk to him a bit about their music and their inspirations.

To start off with, I know you are probably getting tired of this question, but it has to be asked for all of your fans…When are we getting a new release?   

Soon! We’ve been working hard on writing and demoing new stuff. We have a bunch of songs structurally done but we want to spend a lot of time making sure the final vocals and arrangements are the best they can be.

It has been quite awhile between releases for Stealing Eden with band members focusing in on other projects. With the long break, possible new influences, and things that may have happened in that time, are we to expect anything different on the new release?

Of course, we never want to put out the same album twice but we do have a framework and a sound that “sounds” like us. All I can say is, so far, these are some of the heaviest riffs we’ve ever done.

After all that you have had to go through during and after the making of the last album and the subsequent hiatus of the band, what ended up bringing you back together as Stealing Eden once again?

We actually didn’t plan on it taking so long. We took a couple months off and everyone just got busy doing other things and with other projects. It was just the right time for us to start writing again. It’s been inspiring and when you’re inspired, music just flows out of you.

Speaking about all that happened while recording Truth in Tragedy…it sounds like the process was arduous and painful to complete. How much of that do you feel was reflected in the sound or feel for that album?

People’s surroundings and life experiences definitely are felt through the recordings, if it be through the music or lyrics. So, yes, at that time I would say those moments were reflected in the music.

Has doing things more DIY this time around made this album any easier to complete?

Yes and no. For Truth In Tragedy we had access to a big studio along with top engineers/producers/mixers that were paid for by the label. We also had everyone’s fingers in everything, so we didn’t have 100% creative control. Now we have the experience of working with so many professionals, along with choosing our own path musically, and who we choose to work with.

You have said to me personally that your goal is to keep in touch with all of your fans on a personal level. Even to the point that you posted a phone number that anyone can text you at. First off, how is it going with the text line? And second, Do you feel that this personal touch has helped you grow your loyal fan base?

It’s off the hook! It’s really awesome to talk to our closest fans and they really appreciate being able to talk with us. It definitely has helped!

And, talking about personal touches, you guys did a promotion recently for Truth in Tragedy where you signed all physical copy sales for the month of December. From what it looked like, you sold a good amount of copies of an album that was already free to download. Do you think that, in the digital age, this is the type of special touch that it takes for a band to be able to actually get physical album sales?

It’s exactly what fans want. People want to have something special. If it be your favorite book or album, because I know I do! Limited number of anything has a value to people.

As I had mentioned, you have had Truth in Tragedy available for free download for quite some time now. For up and coming bands there is a division between those that feel that they have to give their music out for free, or allow it to be streamed on digital services like Spotify and those who refuse to give away their art. With your experiences, what are your thoughts on streaming services or putting free albums out for exposure for up and coming bands?

You need to set a value for your band. That being said, it doesn’t matter what you think your value is if nobody knows who you are. You need to get in front of people’s eyes and ears. The way we got in front of the most people is YouTube, and it wasn’t even us that put our music up, it was someone else. Millions of free listens has gotten us fans that want to support us. Without it being freely shared we would be selling to no one. No matter which way you look at it, you need to give your fans what they want. If they want to listen to you on Apple Music, Spotify, or on Bandcamp let them have that choice.

You have some powerful music, and lyrically it tends to have themes that fans can relate to of lost love, dealing with hardships, and never giving up. Do you feel that these types of themes can be helpful to those who may be dealing with their own personal problems or going through troubled times? 

It is definitely helpful, I know it helps me.

What music can you say has helped or inspired you personally?

So many…tough to narrow it down. I Would say Alice In Chains, Life Of Agony, Acid Bath, Machine Head, Metallica and Nirvana as early influences.

Alice in Chains-Nutshell


Life of Agony-Through and Through


Acid Bath- Graveflower

Metallica – Dyers Eve


Nirvana – Aneurysm


If you could say one thing to someone who is dealing with mental illness or going through a rough time, what would that be?

Feelings change, people change…and life changes. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Lastly, I am putting out a playlist with song on it that bands I have interviewed have hand picked as inspirations to them. Could you give me a song or two that I should put on my list?

A new band I’m really digging is Nothing But Thieves. Their song Graveyard Whistling is phenomenal.


I would like to thank Maximus for taking the time out to talk with me. Make sure you check him and Stealing Eden out at your favorite social media outlet…and don’t forget to drop them a text.









Text line: 1-628-600-1661

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