The Unlikely Candidates-everyone is fighting a battle

This interview was conducted by Amanda Harras of Saphyre Rain in conjunction with Don’t Let the Music Stop.

I can’t forget the day I first heard The Unlikely Candidates. I stumbled upon their newest single “Your Love Could Start A War” while flipping through radio stations. I instantly connected to the music. The Fort Worth, Texas indie rock band combines ingenious lyrics, contagious vocal melodies, and excellent instrumentation, all set to beats that make your feet want to move. The members are Kyle Morris (vocals), Cole Male (rhythm guitar), Kevin Goddard (drums), Brenton Carney (lead guitar), and Jared Hornbeek (bass).  When I contacted the band about the possibility of doing an interview and the mission behind Don’t Let The Music Stop, they wholehearted agreed. Frontman Kyle Morris talks with us, about music, pain, and dreams.

I am pleased to introduce you to The Unlikely Candidates.I read in your bio that you and Cole originally met in Juvenile Detention for grand theft auto, some ten years ago. That’s a pretty interesting story behind the making of a band. How did the two of you make a connection musically? 

We became pretty fast friends after meeting, mainly because of our musical tastes. We had a similar ear and connected well intuitively when we started playing. A lot of the early days came from that mutual interest, chemistry, and desire to not end up kicking around a few miles from our hometown the rest of our lives.

So you officially became a band in 2008? What influenced your choice of the band name?

I wrote a list of a hundred and it was really just the only one that wasn’t terrible. It suited us though. No one took us seriously for years, and to be fair we were pretty awful at the beginning.

What is your songwriting process like? How has it developed/changed over time?

Someone will lay down some music, and then I will sing on it till it sounds like a song. Then I will work on the lyrics. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to three weeks. We have gotten much better at production, so the soundscapes have become much more lush and diverse.

Is there a story behind your new single “Your Love Could Start a War” that you would like to share?

  We were in New York City when the grand jury failed to indite the officer who killed Eric Garner. There was a protest going on in Times Square and we happened to be there. We stood there watching the people hurting and listening to their cries for justice. We were feeling that same outrage and confusion when we heard about it, but being there made it much more visceral. The studio that we were recording at was one block up the street. So when we got back we took all of that emotion and wrote a song.

Are you planning to release a new album soon? 

We are going to let the single grow some feet, then hopefully we can plan for a bigger release. We have plenty of material ready.

As musicians and songwriters, what part does emotional expression play in your creative process? 

It is the most important part. We can go through the motions all day, but if you don’t have that spark, that soulful connection…then you are just making noise.

Do you ever find that music is an outlet for things that you may be going through in your personal life?

Absolutely, it is very cathartic. Putting everything into something that you are creating feels like it gives some of these troubles/joys more purpose. It also lends perspective, and can help you deal with things better.

What advice do you have to offer on the topic of following your dreams? 

There are things that we have to do. Feed the body, put a roof over our heads, take care of ourselves and the ones we love. We also need to feed our souls. A dream can give your life purpose even when all else seems lost. It gives you direction, drive, and passion. There are things that we must do, but I feel like dreaming should be one of those.

Do you have a message for kids (or others) who are hurting right now? 

Life is often confusing and difficult. It is also inspiring and beautiful. It is not easy to do, but if you can find the beauty in both the bad and the good, it will help you appreciate better what it is to be human.  If you are in a situation where you feel trapped and can not find that beauty, you can change your environment or you can change your mind. Leave that place that ills you, if you can not, then learn. Give your mind the tools to rise above your situation or at least handle it better. Help someone else in pain, you will know better how to help them than anyone. Try and remember that everyone is fighting a battle, we are all more similar than we are different. Find a cause, a passion, a dream, a group of people, something bigger than yourself that feeds your soul, and hold onto it. All the maxims aside, don’t give up. We’ve all got something to offer this world and to ourselves. Just the fact that we are alive and breathing means we can do almost anything. I believe in you, for whatever that is worth.

Finally, Don’t Let The Music Stop has a playlist of songs that are chosen by the artists that have done interviews. Is there a song (or two) that has helped you get through a rough time that you would like to have included on the playlist?

Many thanks to Kyle and The Unlikely Candidates for speaking with us!  Find out more / follow the band:




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