Monthly Archives: April 2016

Jimi Haha-I Enjoy Life Much More when I Choose to Enjoy it

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack was one of those independent bands that I love. A band that always did everything their way and never compromised. Their musicianship was way underated and they successfully were able to appeal to a wide variety of listeners. Unfortunately they somehow managed to stay under the radar of the mainstream rock and only had limited success with a few singles even though they toured extensively with some major rock/alternative acts. They just never quite found their own major success that they […]

Randall Lee-There is always an answer

In this week’s interview we turn the tables on….well…me. I get to answer questions that were sent to me by those that I have interviewed for Don’t Let the Music Stop. They were all given the opportunity to ask any question that they had about the site, my mission, and about me personally. I compiled these questions, arranged them in an order that seems to make sense, grouped similar questions together, and sat down and answered each one, only changing spelling […]

The Unlikely Candidates-everyone is fighting a battle

This interview was conducted by Amanda Harras of Saphyre Rain in conjunction with Don’t Let the Music Stop. I can’t forget the day I first heard The Unlikely Candidates. I stumbled upon their newest single “Your Love Could Start A War” while flipping through radio stations. I instantly connected to the music. The Fort Worth, Texas indie rock band combines ingenious lyrics, contagious vocal melodies, and excellent instrumentation, all set to beats that make your feet want to move. The members are Kyle […]

Jethro Sheeran-There’s Always a Positive

When most people think of the name Sheeran, they think of singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran. But there is actually another extremely talented Sheeran, Jethro “Alonestar” Sheeran. Jethro is an amazing rapper/producer from England that, just like his cousin, Ed, knows how to write some very catchy and meaningful music. I had came across a few of his songs about six months ago, and liked them immediately. With all of the positive messages he shares almost daily on his pages, coupled with his […]